Writing Workshops


I offer creative writing workshops at the Attic Institute. My classes involve a mix of close-reading, freewrites, discussion and peer critique, and I’m especially interested in helping emerging writers find and focus their strengths.

Mar 14 – Apr 11: Craft of Creative Nonfiction @ Attic Institute, Portland, OR
Interested in memoir, essay, or lit journalism? In this workshop, you’ll read, discuss, and try your hand at these and other forms of creative nonfiction. Full description→

Mar 25 – 26: Weekend Memoir Intensive @ Attic Institute, Portland, OR
A mix of instruction, guided writes, and critique, this intensive will help writers will gain the tools they need to experiment with essay and memoir. Full description→

Apr 25 – May 23: Craft of Memoir @ Attic Institute, Portland, OR
In this five-week workshop, we’ll explore the many ways you can translate your life experiences into vivid, absorbing memoir. Full description→

Apr 27 – Jun 29: Creative Nonfiction Studio @ Attic Institute, Portland, OR
The CNF Studio is built around the idea that inspiration, accountability, and community are essential to every writer’s growth. Join the Studio to learn more about your voice and how to bring it to the page. Full description→

Coaching & Consultation: I also offer one-on-one consultation, in person or via Skype, on all works of creative writing. More info→

Student Testimonials

“Brian does a great job of making everyone feel at ease in class… It feels as though he’s one of us.”

“A terrific facilitator… Brian is upbeat, positive, astute, enthusiastic, and not overbearing.”

“He provided valuable critique with a great understanding that we all came with different levels of experience.”

“Brian was exemplary, with incredible perception and gentle prompting toward improvement of our work.”

“Brian is a pro and we all achieved much more than we expected because of his skill.”

“His enthusiasm, experience and guidelines for compassion and kindness in critiquing each others’ writing made his class very enjoyable.”

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