Writing Consultation

Pen and pad

I offer coaching and consultation on works of creative writing, with a focus on essay and memoir. I’ll read and reread your pages, smatter them with detailed notes, and sit down with you for an hour (via Skype or in person) to discuss everything from prose to plot, commas to characters. My goal is to help you better know and appreciate your own voice, and to share tools and techniques that will help you bring that voice to life on the page. We can meet weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or just once—whatever suits your goals. My fee is $60/hour, and the total will vary depending on the length of your piece. Interested? Email me to get started!

Writer Testimonials

“Brian is the most insightful and encouraging reader a writer could hope to have. He’ll help you find your own way into getting the words just right.” — Leslie Knight

“Brian doesn’t just give great feedback, he invests in his students and their stories. He always takes the time and effort to carefully read, thoughtfully critique and artfully guide a conversation around my writing that focuses on what works and where I can grow as a writer. Brian’s encouragement and dedication inspire me to keep writing and developing the craft. His caring nature, great sense of humor and humble approach make him a great teacher. I’m amazed at how quickly my writing has improved with Brian’s direction and can’t wait to see where it goes.” — Betsy Bertram