News & Reviews

→ This nice rec from a Green Bay library includes probably my favorite ever euphemism for sex writing. (9/21/16)

→ Sacred Rides chose GOING SOMEWHERE as one of its top eight “travel books to get you inspired.” (8/12/15)

→ Roy Kasten of STL’s Riverfront Times did a great write-up on my riverboat radio project. (8/11/15)

→ Honored to be included in Minnesota Public Radio’s list of great books on biking. (8/10/15)

→ I talk to Brock at the Sprocket Podcast about living on a steam warship and this summer’s Mississippi River journey. (5/15/15)

→ This conversation on KQAC begins with Ed comparing us to Bogart and Bacall, and only gets better from there. (1/2/15)

→ My first Scottish review—and a generous one, at that. (11/14/15)

→ This write-up on the country’s best writing centers features both of my teaching homebases. (11/14/14)

→ Equal parts flattered and bewildered by this post, which suggests pairing my book with a swank Sonoma hotel. (10/22/14)

→ GOING SOMEWHERE gets its very first picture review, courtesy of a Portland librarian. (9/20/14)

→ This review in the South China Morning Post reminds me—GOING SOMEWHERE was picked up by a Chinese publisher! (9/6/14)

→ I talk about telling the truth, among other things, in an interview with New Asian Writing. (8/20/14)

→ I had SO MUCH fun on the Sprocket Podcast—especially because I got to share the studio with my sister. (8/11/14)

→ In this interview on AM Northwest, co-host Helen makes fun of me for getting dumped. (8/11/14)

→ It’s such an honor to get a nod in Oregon Humanities’ summer mag. (8/6/14)

→ This post on is my best attempt at explaining why I chose to bike my book tour. (8/6/14)

→ While riding an Amtrak from Chicago to Portland, I typed up answers to this Q&A with the Oregonian. (8/5/14)

→ Throughout my book/bike tour, I guest-blogged for the Huffington Post, and the full series is available here. (8/5/14)

→ Ky Delaney, aka Mountain Mama, gave GOING SOMEWHERE a super flattering review. (8/29/14)

→ In this interview with WGN, I lie about having driven a tank and inspire an anchor to say, “God love ya.” (7/28/14)

→ Wisconsin State Journal let me gush about my favorite travel writers in this Just Read It column. (7/20/14)

→ In which Elaine Charles, host of the Book Report, asks if I’m maybe kind of a jerk sometimes. (7/9/14)

→ In this Q&A on, I invent the term “lovers’ astral plane”. (7/6/14)

→ I did this interview—with Park City’s “The Mountain Life”—while huddled in a friend’s closet. (7/2/14)

→ At the end of this interview by my hometown NBC affiliate, I for some reason look like I’m about to burst into tears. (7/1/14)

→ Powell’s chose GOING SOMEWHERE as a New Favorite! I feel the quarterback just asked me to prom. (7/1/14)

→ In this interview, Dr. Alvin Jones asks me to give “the fellas” some dating advice—and I totally fail. (6/26/14)

→ If a competition is ever held, Larry Meiller is a shoe-in for “World’s Jolliest Man.” This was such a pleasant interview. (6/24/14)

→ Some glorious tenderheart wrote this, the review of my dreams, for (6/24/14)